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Fans Get Charged During Ball Game

att park headshot 300x240 Fans Get Charged During Ball GameThe City of San Francisco, the San Francisco Giants, ChargePoint and ABM, a leading provider of integrated facility solutions, unveiled four new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at AT&T Park. The stadium is the first ballpark in California to offer public access to Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations, a next-generation technology that can charge an EV in four hours, or about the length of a baseball game.“Our San Francisco Giants lead the division in wins, and have now beefed up their environmental batting average by having the division’s first up-to-date EV-ready stadium”

According to the San Francisco Department of the Environment, San Francisco now boasts a total of 110 charging stations at 42 locations across the city — more charging stations per capita than any other city in California.“San Francisco is the Innovation Capital of the World and the EV capital of the world, because we have focused on building the infrastructure needed to make electric vehicles a viable choice for the public,” said Mayor Ed Lee. “The installation of charging stations at AT&T Park, and another 100 on public property for all to use throughout San Francisco, will help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and create a more sustainable environment, while creating jobs.”

“Our San Francisco Giants lead the division in wins, and have now beefed up their environmental batting average by having the division’s first up-to-date EV-ready stadium,” said Melanie Nutter, Director of the San Francisco Department of the Environment. “Supporting new EV infrastructure provides ease and accessibility to electric vehicle owners and is part of our ongoing commitment to making San Francisco the most sustainable city.”ABM installed and will maintain the charging stations, and is offering the public free EV charging at the AT&T Park stations throughout the week of September 17-21. For availability or to locate other charging stations check out ChargePoint’s online tools and mobile applications. ABM has installed over 100 ChargePoint EV charging stations throughout Northern California and ChargePoint is the largest online network of independently owned charging stations operating in more than 14 countries.

The charging stations mark another sustainability milestone for AT&T Park, which in 2010 became the first Major League Baseball park to receive LEED Silver Certification for Existing Buildings, Operations and Maintenance.“AT&T Park’s sustainable features, including solar panels, energy-efficient concession stands – and now the EV charging stations – not only have a positive impact on the environment, but also enhance the fan experience at the ballpark,” said Alfonso Felder, senior vice president of facilities, who oversees ballpark operations for the Giants. “Giants fans will now have a quick and convenient way to charge their electric vehicles while they enjoy a baseball game.”

$10,000,000 Offered For Solar Innovation

Hillary Clinton Heading US Rio Sustainability Delegates

800px Brazil   Rio de Janeiro 300x225 Hillary Clinton Heading US Rio Sustainability DelegatesSecretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will head the U.S. delegation to hillaryclinton 237x300 Hillary Clinton Heading US Rio Sustainability Delegatesthe UN Conference on Sustainable Development, also known as Rio+20, which will take place June 20-22 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Secretary also plans to meet with key world leaders while at the conference. Lisa P. Jackson, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, will serve as alternate head of delegation, and Todd Stern, Special Envoy on Climate Change, will serve as chief negotiator. This conference commemorates 20 years since the June 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development (the “Earth Summit”).

The 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, or “Rio+20” is a forum on how to make sustainable development a reality for seven billion people today, and to define the future we want for nine billion by 2050. With a presence in 177 countries and territories, UNDP assists governments, private sector and civil society to build inclusive, prosperous, and greener societies. We advise our partners to consider every policy and investment from an economic, social and environmental perspective. This holistic, integrated approach to decision making is the path towards empowered lives, resilient nations and a sustainable future.  Sustainable development is about people. It is about creating jobs and improving lives while respecting the environment. Eradicating poverty, preventing conflicts, empowering women and girls, and building responsible governing institutions are critical components.

In addition to Secretary Clinton, Administrator Jackson, and Special Envoy Stern, the U.S. delegation will include the following U.S. Government representatives including but not limited to Ambassador Thomas A. Shannon, Jr., Ambassador of the United States to Brazil, Carlos Pascual, Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs, Department of State and Elizabeth L. Littlefield, President and CEO, Overseas Private Investment Corporation. Other members of the U.S. delegation include technical experts from the Department of State, the United States Mission to the UN, the United States Agency for International Development, the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the United States Trade Representative, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Energy and the Treasury Department. They will also be accompanied by nine Private Sector Advisors representing business, state and local officials, nongovernment organizations, youth, women, and labor.

Cali And Panama Conference Targets Renewable Energy

801830615 300x204 Cali And Panama Conference Targets Renewable EnergyThe 9th annual Global California Conference will be held at the San Jose City Hall this year Sosa Cali And Panama Conference Targets Renewable Energyon June 22nd. The topic is Panama and the Canal Expansion and its impact on California job creation. One of  the presentations is about great renewable energy projects and investment opportunities in the West Coast of the U.S., Panama, Latin America, the Caribbean and the World: Massive Opportunity: Impact Capital for Renewable Energy Projects.

Panama is poised is poised to become a key player in trade between Latin America and North America as well as Asia. Its geographic location favors a number of possibilities for players and surrounding countries” says panel guest, Rodney Alves of Alves & Associates.
“Panama’s strategic location is a major global shipping and logistics hub. The massive infrastructure improvements underway, including additional Ports and the Panama Canal Expansion, enhance the importance of the U.S.‐Panama Free Trade Agreement”, states Alvaro Cabal Lachman, President of USPAW.

Notable dignitaries from Panama as well as California will be participating in the conference, such as, former Ambassador to Panama in Washington D.C, Juan Sosa, who is now the President of USPA, U.S., will be giving the ‘keynote’ speech. The conference is produced by TradePort, the Monterey Bay International Trade Association  in partnership with the United States ‐ Panama Business Council West.

Nutiva Moving To San Francisco Bay Area

D’Angelo Plays Eco Arts Bonnaroo Music Festival

voodoolive 243x300 DAngelo Plays Eco Arts Bonnaroo Music FestivalRock the Earth, a national not-for-profit environmental organization that partners with the music industry, just held the largest music festival in the United States – the 11th Annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tenn., June 7-10. Rock the Earth held a series of artist interviews and performances live on Bonnaroo’s Planet Roo Solar Stage, as well as a series of environmental films at the festival. To coincide with its environmental programming, together Rock the Earth and Bonnaroo held a cell phone recycling campaign that  rewarded participants who recycled their old and unused mobile phones with free goodies and entry into the daily drawing for prizes.

Moderated by Rock the Earth’s founder and Executive Director, Marc Ross, the theme of this year’s performances and discussions on the Planet Roo Solar Stage were on  “Social Change Through Music.” Attendees  learned what inspires musicians to be activists, and explored the synergies between the artists that create music and music’s interconnectedness to the environment and world.

From Manchester, Tennessee the Newsfeed Resecher reported, “D’Angelo is back. The reclusive R&B singer made his first live U.S. appearance in 12 years at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival early Sunday morning, surprising a few thousand fans during Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson’s Superjam session. “I’ve been waiting 12 years to say this ladies and gentlemen, D’Angelo!,” Thompson said as the crowd roared. It was his first U.S. show since 2000 and a prelude to an appearance at July’s Essence Music Festival and a European tour with many of the same players who backed him Sunday morning. D’Angelo played live in Europe earlier this year.”

GE Opens Electric And Hybrid Vehicle Innovation Center

Racing World Embracing Solar LED Technology

Graham Rahal Autoweek Editor At Speed 300x180 Racing World Embracing Solar LED TechnologySol, Inc., the leading provider of solar and LED outdoor lighting solutions, has  announce they have partnered with Chip Ganassi Racing Teams, Inc to lead the way for increased energy conservation in the racing industry by upgrading the team’s outdoor lighting at both their Indianapolis and Concord, NC race shops to much more energy-efficient solar and LED lighting. The solar lights produce no pollution, cause no harmful environmental effects, and require no grid electricity to operate. The grid-connected lights use up to 75% less energy when replacing traditional lighting sources. ”We are always looking for opportunities to push the envelope on environmental efforts and this partnership with Sol does just that,” said Steve Lauletta, President, Chip Ganassi Racing Teams. “Being able to partner with Sol and utilize their expertise in solar lighting technology is something we feel very good about. We look forward to a long partnership with Sol.”

By replacing conventional sodium vapor and metal halide light sources with Sol’s high-performance 20/20 solar and grid-tie LED lights, the Chip Ganassi facilities have lights that are much brighter, will last longer, and are providing significant energy savings while improving visibility in the parking lots for visitors and staff.

First, I would like to congratulate Chip Ganassi and his teams for the big win this weekend in the Indianapolis 500.  We couldn’t be more proud to be partnering with their organization,” said Paul Wickberg, CEO and President, Sol, Inc. “Chip Ganassi Racing is demonstrating their commitment through the installation of solar technology at their shops and is leading the way in showing visitors and employees how sustainable technologies like Sol’s solar lights can make economic sense while providing equal or superior performance to traditional, energy-intensive lighting technologies. We are also very pleased with the strides the racing industry is making with a more concerted effort on promoting sustainable products. Both NASCAR and INDYCAR seem to be working hard on green initiatives – whether it’s NASCAR’s new relationship with the EPA or INDYCAR being a long-time advocate of Ethanol in their cars. Our hope is that the racing industry will see this as an example of technologies that can be used at tracks and other racing facilities around the world.”

After Greenpeace Protests, Apple Promises to Dump Coal Power

Watch Safely During Annular Solar Eclipse

On Sunday, May 20, an annular solar eclipse will be visible to those who live on the West Coast. Watching a solar 0517 eclipse full 600 300x200 Watch Safely During Annular Solar Eclipseeclipse can be an exciting and educational experience, but people 1337291813 solar eclipse uriel sinai 300x200 Watch Safely During Annular Solar Eclipseshould do so safely, warns the American Optometric Association (AOA).  Looking at a solar eclipse without proper protection can result in serious eye damage, the association says. A solar eclipse occurs when the sun, earth and moon are positioned nearly in a straight line. The moon comes directly between the sun and the earth, casting a shadow on the earth’s surface. The solar eclipse is visible from the earth in the areas where the moon’s shadow falls. The May 20 eclipse will be visible on the West Coast of North America and will begin at approximately 5:24 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time.Early on May 21, viewers in Asia will also be able to experience the eclipse.

During most of a solar eclipse, at least part of the sun’s rays remain visible, therefore the sun’s rays can burn the eye’s retina if a viewer looks directly at the eclipse without protection. The retina is the delicate lining at the back of the eye that contains layers of light-sensitive nerve cells used for seeing. Retinal burns cause a temporary or permanent vision loss based on the degree of exposure. Light-induced retinal injuries can occur without any feeling of pain and the effects of the injuries may not appear for at least several hours after the damage is done.

The AOA warns consumers to avoid viewing a partial solar eclipse with the naked eye. Also unsafe are: sunglasses, color film, black and white film, medical x-ray films with images on them, smoked glass, photographic neutral density filters and polarizing filters. The AOA recommends viewing the solar eclipse safely with such methods as the use of an image projection device, such as a pinhole projector (which can be constructed at home), or wearing a solar viewing filter to protect the eyes. Examples of safe solar viewing filters include shade number 14 welder’s glass (available from welding supply outlets) or glasses (available through special manufacturers) constructed specifically for solar observation.

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