World’s Largest Electric Bus Fleet Expanding In China

728x90 World’s Largest Electric Bus Fleet Expanding In China

cyclists.moving 1 199x300 World’s Largest Electric Bus Fleet Expanding In ChinaSolar and electric company BYD already with the largest zero-emissions fleet in serviceworld-wide will add 1500 pure electric K9 buses and e6 taxis to the public transportation fleet in Shenzhen City. Commenting on these successes, Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission Director Xiangzhen Lu said, “Shenzhen is the first city in China to implement a subsidy for new energy vehicles and the first city to launch consumer sales of the BYD e6.” The zero-emissions Taxi fleet has already given many consumers their first experience with the BYD all-electric, 5-passenger e6, China’s first long-range, pure-electric car. SDRC cited rising oil prices and growing environmental pressures as key reasons to transform the public transportation system. Shenzhen City believes electrified transportation offers the most effective way to simultaneously stimulate economic recovery while restoring the environment by lowering CO2 emissions.

Shenzhen City will also establish new policies in hopes of encouraging private EV use. The SDRC announced that Shenzhen is formulating measures to impose fees on emissions from gasoline cars while rewarding alternative energy vehicle drivers based on distance traveled. Other incentive policies include allowing pure electric drivers to use the public bus lane during rush hour, insurance privileges, and free annual maintenance checks. The city of Shenzhen is also trying to manage its 200,000 plus electric bikes and has recently introduced restrictions which are to go into effect in April.

China’s Southern Power Grid Company has agreed to install free-of-charge, two electric vehicle charging poles for each Shenzhen EV driver — one at the home or apartment of the driver and another near the EV driver’s place of business. Shenzhen City continues to offer extremely affordable peak and off-peak electricity prices for new energy vehicle users, reducing nightly charging costs. The SDRC predicts that private alternative energy vehicle use in Shenzhen will increase by 3000 units in 2012 and plans to install and support over 6,000 new charging pedestals accordingly. BYD’s  North American headquarters are in Los Angeles.

The Pied Piper of Solar

bilde 300x225 World’s Largest Electric Bus Fleet Expanding In ChinaObama Calls For Extending US Solar Programs

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  1. This sounds soo nice! But where is all the electricity coming from in China?

    80% of the prime energy comes from fossil Coal and mostly from older inefficient coal power plants, the main polluter air and Co². Check the Air quality in China!

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