Democratic Party Calls For 80% Renewable Energy

71c0b3e7d98b89246e 7km6iig8z1 300x199 Democratic Party Calls For 80% Renewable Energy  The 2012 Democratic National Convention Platform calls for the United States to create 80% of its electricity  through solar and other renewable energy sources by 2035. According the DNC report 225,000 jobs have already been created in the green energy economy. In his acceptance speech earlier this week in Charlotte, North Carolina President Obama said,”Climate change is not a hoax.“While environmentalist have been consistent in their criticism of the Obama administrations’ lack of actions on climate change the federal governments efforts on stimulating the solar industry in California is quite visible.

Obama has called climate claim deniers and detractors members of “the flat earth society” while California and other states such Arizona, New Jersey, Colorado, North Carolina and New York have taken a leading role the solar energy revolution. California for example implemented Assembly Bill 32 which was passed and championed by then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. AB 32 calls for 33% of California’s energy to be produced by solar and other renewable energy sources by 2020.

The US Department of Energy through its’ Sunshot Initiate has recently announced new investments to accelerate breakthroughs in cost-competitive solar energy.

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