Prince Charles hosts eco fashion show in London

runway model Prince Charles hosts eco fashion show in LondonAs the recent  shows in New York, London, LA, Vancouver, have shown  eco fashion has legs. It’s a pretty safe bet the field will expand as it becomes quite apparent that eco fashion is all about innovative design, sustainability and ethics through out the supply chain.

You gotta give props to Prince Charles.Prince Charles opens new 001 150x150 Prince Charles hosts eco fashion show in London He recently hosted a Sustainable Fashion Show at the grounds of Clarence House, which is ground zero of the Prince’s START environmental action plan for the UK. The purpose of  START  is to promote and celebrate sustainable green living across the United Kingdom. With START, the objective is to present an inspiring picture of a sustainable future. The program will do this by highlighting the very best examples of sustainable practice in the UK, and showing how everyone can  make positive changes right now.

London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson,said “This fashion show proved that eco fashion and sustainable chic, which are often associated only with macrobiotic yogurt, hemp shirts and raffia work, can be funny, elegant and commercial.”

During 2010, Start will grow into a vibrant and diverse program, which will engage people right across the UK. Some topics include recycling, saving water, saving energy, using renewable energy and  healthy living ideas.

Check out video from the Green ShowsNew York and a local eco fashion shop in Vancouver.

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