California Leading US Clean Energy Revolution

gg75 300x200 California Leading US Clean Energy RevolutionClean Edge’s third annual State Clean Energy Index, released today, provides the industry’s most comprehensive and objective analysis of how all 50 states, and the individuals, businesses, and organizations that operate there, compare across the clean-energy spectrum. According to Clean Edge’s assessment and ranking of more than 70 different indicators in technology, policy, and capital, the top 10 states in the nation this year are California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Washington, Colorado, New York, Illinois, New Mexico, Vermont, and Minnesota.

Clean Edge managing director Ron Pernick said,“Against the backdrop of partisan attacks and general inaction within Congress, the state-level scene shows a diversity that crosses political boundaries and regions. The next decade will determine which nations, states, and cities lead in clean tech, and our State Index provides critical insights on the dramatic shifts and best practices that are leading the way within the U.S.” Key market indicators tracked by Clean Edge via its State Clean Energy Index subscription service include total electricity produced by clean-energy sources, hybrid and electric vehicles on the road, clean-energy venture and patent activity, and policy regulations and incentives. The 2012 State Index paints an important and insightful picture of the U.S. clean-energy landscape. For example; California’s clean-energy venture capital dollars in 2011 exceeded the total of all the other 49 states combined. The number of registered hybrid cars in the U.S. grew to nearly 2 million while all-electric vehicles neared the 50,000 registered-vehicle milestone. Six states, twice as many as last year, now generate more than 10 percent of their utility-scale electricity from wind, solar, and/or geothermal.

An executive summary of this year’s State Index is available. The executive summary provides a glimpse at topline findings from the State Clean Energy Index report, the centerpiece of a larger advisory subscription service. Along with access to the full State Index report – containing detailed Index results, comprehensive data tables, and individual state report cards – subscribers receive custom presentations, clean-tech company database access, and advisory hours.

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Solar Impulse Journeys To Morocco

solar impulse 300x113 Solar Impulse Journeys To MoroccoAs reported here back in 2010 and in 2011 the Solar Impulse is a plane worth keeping your eye on. Yahoo News is reporting that  Solar Impulse took of this morning on it’s 1,554-mile journey  to Morocco. The objective of the Solar Impulse is to demonstrate what we can do with existing technology in terms of renewable energy and energy savings,” project co-founder and pilot Andre Borschberg said last year.

A solar energy plane made the world’s first international flight powered by the sun yesterday to show the potential for pollution-free air travel.  “The objective is to demonstrate what we can do with existing technology in terms of renewable energy and energy savings,” project co-founder and pilot Andre Borschberg said. Borschberg believes such solar-harnessing technology can be used to power cars and homes. “It is symbolic to be able to go from one place to another using solar energy,” The Solar Impulse project began in 2003 with a 10-year budget of 90 million euros and has involved engineers from Swiss lift maker Schindler and research aid from Belgian chemicals group Solvay. San Francisco solar company 
 SunPower announced it is providing solar cells to the Solar Impulse project which requires 12,000 solar cells.

morocco 2 1 300x225 Solar Impulse Journeys To Morocco

With an average flying speed of 70 km/h, Solar Impulse is not an immediate threat to commercial jets, which can easily cruise at more than 10 times the speed.  Project leaders acknowledged it had been a major challenge to fit a slow-flying plane into the commercial air traffic system. This is the first transcontinental flight for the aircraft which is expected to the city of Rabat next week. A larger prototype is scheduled to fly around the world in 2013.

Topaz Solar Farms The Worlds Largest To Date

Watch Safely During Annular Solar Eclipse

On Sunday, May 20, an annular solar eclipse will be visible to those who live on the West Coast. Watching a solar 0517 eclipse full 600 300x200 Watch Safely During Annular Solar Eclipseeclipse can be an exciting and educational experience, but people 1337291813 solar eclipse uriel sinai 300x200 Watch Safely During Annular Solar Eclipseshould do so safely, warns the American Optometric Association (AOA).  Looking at a solar eclipse without proper protection can result in serious eye damage, the association says. A solar eclipse occurs when the sun, earth and moon are positioned nearly in a straight line. The moon comes directly between the sun and the earth, casting a shadow on the earth’s surface. The solar eclipse is visible from the earth in the areas where the moon’s shadow falls. The May 20 eclipse will be visible on the West Coast of North America and will begin at approximately 5:24 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time.Early on May 21, viewers in Asia will also be able to experience the eclipse.

During most of a solar eclipse, at least part of the sun’s rays remain visible, therefore the sun’s rays can burn the eye’s retina if a viewer looks directly at the eclipse without protection. The retina is the delicate lining at the back of the eye that contains layers of light-sensitive nerve cells used for seeing. Retinal burns cause a temporary or permanent vision loss based on the degree of exposure. Light-induced retinal injuries can occur without any feeling of pain and the effects of the injuries may not appear for at least several hours after the damage is done.

The AOA warns consumers to avoid viewing a partial solar eclipse with the naked eye. Also unsafe are: sunglasses, color film, black and white film, medical x-ray films with images on them, smoked glass, photographic neutral density filters and polarizing filters. The AOA recommends viewing the solar eclipse safely with such methods as the use of an image projection device, such as a pinhole projector (which can be constructed at home), or wearing a solar viewing filter to protect the eyes. Examples of safe solar viewing filters include shade number 14 welder’s glass (available from welding supply outlets) or glasses (available through special manufacturers) constructed specifically for solar observation.

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Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging A Reality

1 hi 300x187 Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging A RealityEvatran, the developer of Plugless Power wireless recharging technology for electric vehicles, will welcome EVS26 attendees at the Los Angeles Convention Center May 6th through May 9th. Plugless Power technology will be featured in booth #1115 and also at the Ride, Drive, and Charge event open throughout the four-day conference. Evatran will be showcasing its Plugless Power hands-free charging system on both a Nissan LEAF and a Chevrolet Volt at the event. Booth attendees can interact with automotive-quality components, witness the alignment process, and see object detection technology. Members of the Evatran team will also be available to answer visitor questions regarding the Plugless Power system and discuss integration considerations for automotive manufacturer production systems.

Evatran’s attendance at the EVS26 conference and exhibition follows the launch of its Apollo Trial Program, an initiative that encourages electric vehicle adoption through the trial of wireless charging technology. Prototypes used in the Apollo Program on LEAF and Volt vehicles will be on display at the Evatran booth. Evatran will also be promoting the next phase of its Apollo Trial Program, where select commercial partners can join Hertz, Google, and Duke Energy to trial wireless charging on their own electric vehicles.

Rebecca Hough, chief operating officer of Evatran, commented, “Interest in wireless charging is at an all time high in the electric vehicle market and we’re excited to unveil the current generation of our product at EVS26. Wireless charging is no longer simply about transferring power over a gap; the market is demanding seamless integration into vehicles, safety features, and the incorporation of a simple user interface. With design considerations for each of these requirements, Plugless Power will be showcased as the most production-ready technology available in the market.”

SunRun Invests $150 Million In Home Solar Systems

Solar And Electric Cars Key To Cleaning California Air

air pollution on infants 300 Solar And Electric Cars Key To Cleaning California AirThe American Lung Association released the State of the Air 2012 today, an annual report on air quality which lists both the cleanest and most polluted areas in the country. This year’s report shows that although California still has some of the worst air in the nation, continuous progress in reducing ozone and particulate pollution has resulted in the state’s air quality at its cleanest since the Lung Association’s annual report began 13 years ago. The findings reinforce the effectiveness of California’s progressive clean air laws and investments and the importance of the Clean Air Act. California must continue to demonstrate leadership by stepping up efforts to achieve clean and healthy air for all residents,” said Lung Association CEO Jane Warner. “This can be done by supporting implementation of state clean car, clean fuel and diesel regulations, redesigning our communities to reduce vehicle trips, and bringing more renewable energy to the state such as solar and wind power. We also urge all Californians to show strong support for the Clean Air Act and to make an effort to reduce air pollution in their communities by driving less, using cleaner transportation options like hybrid and electric vehicles, recycling, avoiding wood burning, and using energy efficient appliances.”

“This report shows that air pollution remains a serious health threat to too many Californians,” said Warner of the American Lung Association in California. “State of the Air 2012 shows that we’re making real and steady progress in the fight for clean air, but unhealthy levels of air pollution still exist, putting the health of millions Californians at risk.  Much still needs to be done, and now is not the time to stop progress.”

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that cutting air pollution through the Clean Air Act will prevent at least 230,000 deaths and save $2 trillion annually by 2020. The Lung Association is fighting Congressional attacks that would undermine the Clean Air Act and strip California of its authority to adopt stronger regulations.”Ozone and particle pollution contribute to thousands of hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and deaths every year,” said Kari Nadeau, MD, PHD, associated professor of immunology and allergy at Stanford Medical School and an American Lung Association researcher.” Read the article

Kendall Jackson Winery Has A Taste For Solar Power

 Kendall Jackson Winery Has A Taste For Solar Power

Sunset over Vineyard 300x198 Kendall Jackson Winery Has A Taste For Solar Power U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson and local business leaders Assorted Wines 2 Kendall Jackson Winery Has A Taste For Solar Power convened today at Kendall-Jackson’s Wine Center to celebrate the company’s commitment to sustainability and unveil the solar cogeneration system, now supplying solar hot water and electricity to power the winery’s extensive tank and bottle washing operations.“Our founder Jess Jackson was a trailblazer who made sustainability a core part of Kendall- Jackson’s DNA largely through innovation,” said Kendall-Jackson’s Vice President of Sustainability Robert Boller. “We’re thrilled to take this leadership position with Cogenra by installing the largest rooftop solar electricity and hot water rooftop system to date and two upcoming installations at our other production sites. It’s a win for the environment and our bottom line.”

Cogenra partnered with local installer SunWater Solar to construct the array on the roof of Kendall-Jackson’s Kittyhawk winery. The solar cogeneration system provides up to 60 percent of the building’s hot water needs, with the electricity powering lighting and cooling. In addition to this initial solar cogeneration project, Kendall-Jackson will install Cogenra arrays at their Vinwood estate in Sonoma County and an additional winery in Monterey County.  Expanding on Kendall-Jackson’s existing energy and water conservation projects, the 96-module, 241kW hybrid solar photovoltaic (PV) and thermal array is expected to save approximately $30,000 in annual energy costs.

The wine industry, and especially Kendall-Jackson, have been leaders in the sustainability movement,” said Gilad Almogy, CEO of Cogenra Solar. “Solar cogeneration is quickly becoming one of the industry’s most effective tools to maximize the impact of solar energy production to meet both electricity and hot water needs. We commend Kendall-Jackson for their sustainability leadership and look forward to deploying future projects.”“This partnership between two great California companies is proof that business can boost the bottom line while helping the environment,” said U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson. “Innovative new energy technologies, like Cogenra’s, and smart, progressive businesses, like Kendall-Jackson, will drive job creation in the years ahead.”

Don Cheadle Attending Sustainable Meeting In New York City

Don Cheadle 300x300 Kendall Jackson Winery Has A Taste For Solar Power California Reaches Milestone of 10,000 Green Homes