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The Politics Of Solar Power

Opinion: All Solar Wants is a Level Playing Field – Justin Pentelute.
Fine for now, but we have to focus on a major point:  continuing national and state institutional support of solar is essential.  It needs to be a broad, long-term priority.  In a political climate that is partisan and contentious, support for energy innovation sometimes gets lost in the ether.  That’s a mistake. 

In this same category, I am disappointed in the actions of some state legislatures and utility regulatory commissions.  Some have acted with disturbing inconsistency, setting helpful programs in place that foster solar installations and then pulling the plug on them before the benefits have really taken hold.  What’s equally disturbing is what I call “the race to unviability,” where programs are put in place to imminently fail and be canceled.  It seems unfair for homeowners’ access to affordable solar electricity to depend on the state in which the home happens to be built and the all-powerful utility company that provides their electricity. This is a countrywide priority and we should deal with it that way.

Think of the societal good that comes from continued development and implementation of solar electricity.  There would be less carbon in the atmosphere if our electric utilities can build fewer new fossil-fuel power plants.  That could happen because solar electric can supplement power-grid electricity generated by these plants.  Moreover, solar electricity often feeds into the grid when its output exceeds its need in residential and other applications.  That’s a plus because not many electric utilities today are anxious to build expensive new generating plants…Read on>

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Garden State Gets Greener With More Solar Energy

20120723Solar103 small Garden State Gets Greener With More Solar EnergyNew Jersey continues its environmental leadership along with other states like California and Arizona to create more green jobs and cut pollution. Yesterday Matt Elliott, Environment NewNew Jersey Scenic 290x275 Garden State Gets Greener With More Solar Energy Jersey’s Clean Energy Advocate, wrote “We applaud the Legislature and the governor for supporting a bill to help New Jersey continue to be the nation’s solar leader.  We are pleased that the measure passed both houses of the Legislature with overwhelming bi-partisan support, reflecting the people of New Jersey’s strong support for clean, renewable energy, regardless of party affiliation. And we applaud Governor Christie for signing the bill into law today.

“Because of forward-thinking policies passed by the Legislature and Republican and Democratic governors alike over the years, New Jersey is one of the nation’s leaders on solar power.  This bill continues that positive momentum.  Currently, we have more solar per square mile than any other state in the nation, with nearly 16,000 solar installations on homes and businesses across the state.  As a result, solar is cutting harmful air pollution, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, keeping more of our energy dollars here at home, and creating thousands of local jobs.

“The recent boom in solar development demonstrates that our state’s potential is much greater than previously anticipated.  Moving forward, longer-term state policy must keep up with that potential.  We should be increasing the state’s overall clean energy requirements and ensuring more of our clean energy goals are carved out for solar specifically.  In the short term, however, this bill will ensure that New Jersey continues to be a solar leader.  Without a doubt, today is a good day for solar in New Jersey.”

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Intersolar Rises And Shines

christieMcCarthy  165x300 Intersolar Rises And ShinesInnovation and collaboration were familiar themes at this years Intersolar North America. Intersolar  Intersolar Rises And Shinesa premier solar industry exhibition and conference for solar professionals to exchange information and develop business opportunities in the U.S. returned to San Francisco to mark its fifth year in the heart of the largest solar market in the United States. San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee delivered remarks for the conference alongside directors of the worlds-leading research institutions during the conference’s official opening on July 10 in the Intercontinental Hotel. While welcoming the conference to San Francisco, Mayor Lee also reminded the conference about the California senate’s ground breaking decision to begin financing high speed rail between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

SunShot Director Ramamoorthy Ramesh welcomed participation in new national initiatives such as solar “Plug and Play.” Reflecting renewed  global collaboration and innovation, Dr. Dan Arvizu, director of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL); Dr. Michio Kondo, director of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan; and Prof. Dr. Eicke Weber, director of the Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy Systems (FhG ISE) in Germany signed of a Memorandum of Understanding to form a Global Alliance of Solar Energy Research Institutes (GA-SERI). Over 850 exhibitors  from over 25 countries are at the show.

Singer, songwriter and Sessions Solar marketing executive Christie McCarthy welcomed attendees of the Intersolar Awards Ceremony, a sort of Academy Awards for Solar Projects in the US with her very engaging song” Rise and Shine.” Wednesday evening will feature Solar Battle of the Bands Round 2 where industry musicians such as Sungevity’s Killa Watts and SolarCity’s Soulmetrics will compete for your vote.

California Senate Approves High Speed Rail Funding

2012 07 06T163347Z 1459550741 TM3E8760Y6H01 RTRMADP 3 CALIFORNIA HIGHSPEEDRAIL 300x169 California Senate Approves High Speed Rail FundingLawmakers in California approved billions of dollars Friday AxKBDB8CEAEVFvA 225x300 California Senate Approves High Speed Rail Fundingin construction financing for the initial segment of the nation’s first dedicated high-speed rail line connecting Los Angeles and San Francisco. Governor Jerry Brown said, “In 2008, California voters decided to create jobs and modernize our state’s rail transportation system with a major investment in high-speed rail and key local projects in Northern and Southern California. The Legislature took bold action today that gets Californians back to work and puts California out in front once again.

The Obama administration has been advocating for renewable energy and clean transportation alternatives view the approval as a major political victory for Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown who has promoted bullet trains as job generators and clean transportation alternatives.The bill authorizes the state to begin selling $4.5 billion in voter-approved bonds that includes $2.6 billion to build an initial 130-mile stretch of the high-speed rail line in the Central Valley. That will allow the state to collect another $3.2 billion in federal funding that could have been rescinded if lawmakers failed to act Friday.

California High-Speed Rail Authority Board Chair Dan Richard issued the following statement regarding the Legislature’s passage of Senate Bill 1029 which appropriates federal grant funds and Prop 1A funds for California High-Speed Rail:“Today’s vote to commence high-speed rail construction, like all major public policy decisions, is the result of hard work and collaborative effort.  Credit must go to Governor Brown whose courage and steadfast leadership has improved the High-Speed Rail Authority’s plans and operations,” said California High-Speed Rail Authority Chair Dan Richard. “We also express deep gratitude to Assembly Speaker John Perez and Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg for passing this measure through their houses. The Legislature’s action sets in motion a Statewide Rail Modernization Plan for California. Not only will California be the first state in the nation to build a high-speed rail system to connect our urban centers, we will also modernize and improve rail systems at the local and regional level. This plan will improve mobility for commuters and travelers alike, reduce emissions, and put thousands of people to work while enhancing our economic competitiveness,” said Richard.

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NorCal Solar Launching Solar Energy Resource Guide

sergcoverreduced copy 229x300 NorCal Solar Launching Solar Energy Resource GuideThe Northern California Solar Energy Association (NorCal Solar) will be launching its latest Solar Energy Resource Guide (SERG) on the eve of the 2012 Intersolar North American conference in San Francisco next month. The SERG serves as a requisite tool for northern Californians interested in utilizing solar energy at home and in their businesses.The 9th edition SERG features articles covering a breadth of solar applications from photovoltaics and solar hot water to solar cooking, Passive House, zero net energy design, and more. It will also contain an extensive Solar Resources section. NorCal Solar plans to distribute over 7,500 copies of the SERG through 2014.”We are extremely excited about the 9th edition of the SERG,” said NorCal Solar President Elaine Hebert. “The expanded content will be useful to people who are new to solar and to seasoned professionals on the broad range of what solar can be. People have used past editions as something like a bible of solar, and it has helped them immensely on their career path.

The launch party takes place Monday, July 9, from 7-9:00 pm, at the Intercontinental Hotel, next door to the Moscone Center on Howard Street, San Francisco. Invited guest speakers include Jeff Spies of QuickMount PV and Amy Reardon of the California Public Utilities Commission. The party is free to NorCal Solar members and supporters and $15 for others.  RSVPs are requested at

Intersolar NA is an annual conference that provides in-depth alternative energy industry insight by bringing together companies from all over the globe to exchange knowledge and ideas and display new products. This year’s conference and exhibition will take place July 9-12 at the Moscone Center and Intercontinental Hotel. More than 22,000 people are expected. NorCal Solar will be at booth L224.”There are many people looking to break into the green job market, and our networking events are a great way to meet those already working in solar,” said Hebert. In step with its goal to enhance solar energy awareness, NorCal Solar is conducting three bus tours of local solar facilities during Intersolar NA.

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07 2012

US Postal Service Planting Green Roofs

20120628202523ENPRNPRN US POSTAL SERVICE GREEN STAMP 90 1340915123MR 300x300 US Postal Service Planting Green RoofsThe U.S. Postal Service recently celebrated another example of environmental leadership as local officials announced a green roof atop the Colvin-Elmwood Post Office. The 11,300 square foot green roof will be built at no cost to the Postal Service through an innovative sustainability partnership with Onondaga County, NY. “The Postal Service continues to lead the way when it comes to making a positive impact on the environment,” said Chief Sustainability Officer, Thomas G. Day. “We’re pleased to be collaborating with the good people of Onondaga County on our second green roof, which will help the Postal Service conserve water and energy in the Syracuse metropolitan area.”

Working cooperatively with Onondaga County’s Save the Morgan Post Office Green Roof 300x199 US Postal Service Planting Green RoofsRain initiative, the Colvin-Elmwood Post Office’s roof was deemed structurally sound to support the additional weight of the soil, vegetation and other requirements of a green roof. The green roof will consist of a new membrane, layers of drainage sheet, mat, separation fabric, indigenous vegetation and a wind blanket. The green roof plan fits perfectly into the Postal Service’s commitment to create sustainable spaces and facilities wherever possible. The green roof also addresses practical concerns. The roof’s expected lifespan is up to 50 years, twice as long as the roof it will replace. It also will reduce the amount of contaminants in storm water runoff flowing into Syracuse’s municipal water system.

At more than 11,000 square feet, the Colvin-Elmwood green roof will be one of the largest in New York,” said Day. “The Colvin-Elmwood green roof will help us meet our goals to reduce energy usage 30 percent by 2015 and greenhouse gas emissions 20 percent by 2020.”The Colvin-Elmwood green roof is part of the Postal Service’s greener facilities strategy, which includes the use of environmentally friendly building components, renewable materials, energy-efficient lighting and HVAC, low volatile organic compound parts, low-water use fixtures and solar photovoltaic systems. In the last 12 months, the Postal Service also has expanded its recycling program in Central New York to include mixed paper and cardboard, resulting in nearly 1,055 tons of materials recycled in the past year. With more than 700 postal locations, including Post Office locations in Syracuse and Central New York, and with a recycling rate of 95 percent, District Manager, Edward F. Phelan, Jr., noted the Albany district is one of the Postal Service’s first Zero Waste districts.

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