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To secure a policy environment that allows solar energy to compete and empowers consumers to choose, Rhone Resch declared today, October 27, 2009, in the City of Anaheim, California, a Solar Bill of Rights:

We declare these rights not on behalf of our companies, but on behalf of our customers and our country. We seek no more than the freedom to compete on equal terms and no more than the liberty for consumers to choose the energy source they think best.

1. Americans have the right to put solar on their homes or businesses. Restrictive covenants, onerous connection rules, and excessive permitting and inspections fees prevent too many American homes and businesses from going solar.

2. Americans have the right to connect their solar energy system to the grid with uniform national standards. This should be as simple as connecting a telephone or appliance. No matter where they live, consumers should expect a single standard for connecting their system to the electric grid.

3. Americans have the right to Net Meter and be compensated at the very least with full retail electricity rates. When customers generate excess solar power utilities should pay them consumer at least the retail value of that power.

4. The solar industry has the right to a fair competitive environment. The highly profitable fossil fuel industries have received tens of billions of dollars for decades. The solar energy expects a fair playing field, especially since the American public overwhelmingly supports the development and use of solar.

5. The solar industry has the right to equal access to public lands. America has the best solar resources in the world, yet solar companies have zero access to public lands compared to the 45 million acres used by oil and natural gas companies.

6. The solar industry has the right to interconnect and build new transmission lines. When America updates its electric grid, it must connect the vast solar resources in the Southwest to population centers across the nation.

7. Americans have the right to buy solar electricity from their utility. Consumers have no choice to buy clean, reliable solar energy from their utilities instead of the dirty fossil fuels of the past.

8. Americans have the right, and should expect, the highest ethical treatment from the solar industry. Consumers should expect the solar energy industry to minimize its environmental impact, provide systems that work better than advertised, and communicate incentives clearly and accurately.


Solar powered electric vehicle charging station by SunPods Inc. unveiled with the City of San Jose

San Jose CA – October 12, 2009 — SunPods announced today the first public demonstration of their revolutionary SunPods’ EV Plug-N-Go™ Solar Powered EV Charging System. The world’s first transportable, modular, integrated solar powered electric vehicle charging station, ready to power up on delivery.

The SunPods SP-300 EV Plug-N-Go designed specifically for companies, institutions and public agencies that need an instant solar powered infrastructure solution for on-road electric vehicles (EV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and electrical industrial utility vehicles. The SunPods EV Plug-N-Go deploys rapidly, building a lasting green power infrastructure solution for today’s electrical powered vehicles.

Built with SunPods’ advanced Solar Smart Technologies™ and designed as a solar appliance. The SunPods SP-300 EV Plug-N-Go is pre-engineered, pre-manufactured, and pre-tested in a rigorous factory setting for optimal performance and delivered from our factory to your site, on your schedule, requiring minimal site preparation and no on-site assembly. SunPods are ready to interconnect and power up on delivery, requiring only an electrician to make the connections.

“We appreciate the City of San Jose for their support in setting up this solar powered EV charging station demonstration and providing the PHEV car and their continued support to Cleantech startups in San Jose and the goals the City set towards growing a green environment and the Cleantech jobs the City is helping to create”, says Michael Gumm, one of SunPods co-founders.

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According to Dan Jaeger, president and co-founder of SunPods, “it just didn’t make sense for us to power electric cars with electricity produced by burning coal and other carbon based fuels and make a positive environmental difference. All you are doing is trading gasoline for coal, not a good idea. The core idea behind SunPods is to make solar power simple and easy to use anywhere and to displace fossil based energy with non-carbon, clean renewable solar power”.

SunPods SP-300 EV Plug-N-Go modular, integrated solar power platforms are engineered for both on-grid and off-grid installations. In one configuration, the SunPods SP-300 net-meters solar power to the grid, offsetting carbon based grid power. In another design, the SP-300 equipped using the latest battery systems provides optimal power storage and buffering between the electrical vehicle and utility grid.

The SP-300 is a bi-directional system, allowing power input and output with both solar and grid connected power sources. Smart Grid capable, as grid connections become Smart Grid enabled, utilities will be able to access and manage the SunPods stored energy at peak demand times.

About SunPods, Inc

SunPods is the innovator and manufacturer of SunPods Solar Smart Technology Systems. SunPods, the world’s first solar appliance are transportable, the first factory to project, modular solar power platforms for permanent placement. SunPods power up on arrival, no assembly needed and only require an electrical hookup from the inverter to power up


History has shown us our awe and reverence for the sun even in early Egypt.


For the Egyptians, the sun represented light, warmth, and growth. This made sun deities very important to Egyptians, and it is no coincidence that the sun came to be the ruler of all. In his myths, the sun was either seen as the body or eye of RA.150px Re Horakhty.svg1 136x300 SW 2

Ra was thought to travel in a sun boat (The Boat of the Millions) to protect its fires from the primordial waters of the underworld it passed through during the night. Ra traveled in the sun boat with various other deities including Set and Mehen who defended against the monsters of the underworld, and Ma’at who guided the boat’s course. The monsters included Apep, an enormous serpent who tried to stop the sun boat’s journey every night by consuming it. The Ra myth saw the sunrise as the rebirth of the sun by the goddess Nut and the sky, thus attributing the concept of rebirth and renewal to Ra and strengthening his role as a creator god.

Early in his myths Ra was said to be married to Hathor and they were the parents of Horus. Later his myths changed Hathor into Ra’s daughter. This featured prominently in the myth often called The Story of Sekhmet, in which Ra sent Hathor down to punish humanity as Sekhmet.

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