Is Personal Development Sexy?

by Cheryl Wilms

You bet it is. Personal Development is incredibly sexy. If you are thinking that I am crazy, well maybe, but let’s break it down shall we? And I will tell you why it is confidence 220x3001 PDI2incredibly sexy to work on your inner workings and inner being. Ready? Hold onto your hats!

Originally I had this weird idea that those who seeked more spirituality and self awareness as those who appeared to be really “out there” or “extra earthy”. Mind you, I was quite young and quite ignorant to be honest. As I became older and more aware myself, I realized this was not quite the case at all.

I too became interested in what my purpose here on life is and what this is all about, but I was quite hesitant to share my curiosity with those around me because at this point I was in my late teens and early twenties. At that time…..talking about your spirituality and digging deeper into your innerbeing was not the topic of conversation at the nightclubs, nor was it viewed as sexy.

So I found myself living “a double life”. During the day I would be a seeker of inner truth and would read anything I could get my hands on, but by night, I was “too cool for that stuff” and nor did I talk about it. I began to discover more than I had even imagined, especially since the fact I was hiding my interests was not being true to myself and those around me. Maybe as maturity began to set in and kids came into play I felt safer to express my true interests.

But here is what I now realize. The more you work on your personal development and becoming aware of your true self, more importantly expressing your true self, the more truly confident you will become. Your confidence and sense of self awareness will be extremely attractive…..and an attractive person is extremely sexy.

Summon Bursts of Energy by Training Your Subconscious Mind

By Charles Moorehead

Charles Moorehead 6953041 PDI2Sometimes you don’t have the energy needed to start or resume an important task. However, you can train your subconscious mind to give you a burst of energy on demand. This may be all you need to get going on that special task. Once you start a task, it is human nature to continue working, at least for a few hours. After that, you may need another burst of energy.
This article shows how to use a simple exercise to train your subconscious mind. This exercise uses a visualization, a guided daydream. Your subconscious can’t tell the difference between reality, and impressions that are repetitive and highly emotional. You will repeat the visualization and infuse it with strong emotions.

You need to write out and learn a scene that shows you receiving a burst of energy. Don’t be concerned if this scene seems somewhat silly. This is a mind game, so approach it as if you were a child playing a game. After all, your subconscious mind is childlike in many respects. However, properly trained, it can provide all the energy you need. After describing and learning a particular scene for this visualization, close your eyes and see it played out inside your mind. Let your emotions build while the scene unfolds.

Here is a possible scene:

You are alone on a vast plain. A warm summer sun caresses your face. There is no sound except for a soft breeze rustling the grass at your feet. Then you look up into the sky and raise your hands, asking the universe for the gift of unlimited energy. Soon the sky is filled with dark clouds and the sound of thunder! Just then, a bolt of lightning flashes down from the clouds and enters your body. You are filled with a fiery energy. Zap, zap — you can feel the electricity coursing through your body. Pop, pop — the energy is unbelievable! You feel alive like never before. Whatever you want to do is now in your power. You have the energy to overcome any obstacle. Your ambition is boundless. Nothing can stop you now!

You survey the scene around you and smile. The air is vibrant and alive with possibilities. Gazing up into the sky again, you give thanks for this gift. You seem to know, without being told, that this power is available whenever you need it.

Repeat this visualization three times a day for two weeks. Then use it once a day until the idea of having unlimited energy at your command starts feeling normal.

Testing and using this new power

Create a command you will use to summon the burst of energy. A good choice might be, “Energy Now!”
If you sometimes aren’t able to call forth the burst of energy, then go back and start doing the exercise again. Remember, this is a mind game. If you feel silly doing this, just think of how you will feel after you have successfully trained your subconscious mind.
Test this new power on some of those small, distasteful tasks around the home or office. Use your command to summon the burst of energy. Then immediately start working on the task. Act in a deliberate, forceful manner. After completing the task, allow yourself to feel the pleasure of being able to call forth the energy needed to get the job done.
Continue this procedure with more difficult tasks. Gradually, using this burst of energy will become a habit. Then you can take on those tough jobs knowing you will have the energy to complete them.

If you are ill or have some kind of physical handicap, take care of that problem first. Once you are in good health, you can begin using the above exercise.

Final thoughts

Being able to summon energy on demand can be a big help in getting the tough jobs done. However, you must always use caution and common sense. If a task is dangerous or risky, maybe you shouldn’t be trying to do it in the first place. Also, don’t overwork yourself. Sure, you may have lots of energy, but you’re not Hercules. Don’t try to do more than you are physically able to do. For more details on this topic go to the Summon Bursts of Energy page on my website.

You can find many useful ideas on having more money, success secrets, starting a small business, and business basics on my http://www.moneymagic1-2-3.com/ website.
Charles Moorehead was a certified public accountant for 40 years. He is now pursuing activities that are more creative. (c) Copyright 2010 by Charles Moorehead. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Charles_Moorehead

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Building Health Wealth
by John C. Bish

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I have lived my life as evidence of a life style which creates and sustains real personal vitality. In my new book “Building Health Wealth” I strongly urge you … Don’t wait: get started. That means get started building a“401K” plan for your health. And when you build it, it can not be corrupted by any one or any thing except your own indifference.

We build our health wealth in small increments .including rest, hygiene, diet, food supplements and exercise.


Building Health Wealth was written from the point of View as a Consumer health-care advocate and is directed primarily to adults who wish to improve their physical and mental vitality and thereby the quality of their lives. Once you adopt the first two or three habits suggested by you may very well become hooked on the notion that you have enormous influence over the quality of your health or in more simple terms “on
how you feel each and every day.” You may even become addicted to a routine which leads you to a renewed sense of personal and emotional vitality. In addition you become aware of how you got there and perhaps most important what you need to do to stay there.

I personally rebuilt my own health after age fifty to a point where my personal fitness is more akin to the robust condition of a healthy adult “athlete” two decades my junior. I outlines 10 specific things you can do each day which will have an immediate impact on how you feel and ultimately how you look.

The book shows you how important it is to take personal control over your health. Including how and from whom to seek health care advice. All advisors must be credible. They must look and act the part. They must exhibit living evidence of the healthy life style”. I make a compelling case that It is never too late to adopt some key habits which individually will make a difference and collectively, can have and explosive positive impact on one’s sense of well being.

I’ll show you how we might avoid many chronic and debilitating conditions currently affecting upwards of 60% of the adult population of the US. These include obesity, arguably an appalling condition of many (notice those around you at the supermarket or the airport when you have time to observe). Others include osteoporosis (mostly joint disease) Type 2 diabetes, heart and vascular disease and many kinds of Cancer. All of these are arguably the direct the result of our life style choices rather than the inevitable result of ageing or genetic predisposition. So engage yourself. Man up… Woman Up! Take responsibility. Make it happen. You will succeed!

About the Author – John C. Bish is a Peak Performance & Wellness researcher & practitioner for 20 plus years. He is a former University Professor, Fulbright Scholar & Corporate Executive. Health Wealth Resource

The Importance of Understanding Personality Styles

Written by Stu Schlackman

Emotional Intelligence is the number one skill needed today in business. This is something that is not taught in school but it’s learned through life’s experiences.

There is a key personal and business skill not formally taught today in schools. Yet it should be. Everyone needs training to improve their emotional intelligence. While there are no scholastic aptitude tests or board examinations for emotional intelligence, experts agree it is every bit as important as academic intelligence. Many would argue it is more important to achieving success in life. But this does not say that you cannot be taught to greatly increase your emotional intelligence; in fact, emotional intelligence can be taught.

Emotional intelligence starts with knowing yourself. It then continues with knowing others. And a principle tool is learning how to classify people into groups with similar desires, skills, interests, and how they behave under different circumstances. We use a tool called the Insight Temperament SystemTM. While there are other systems that classify people by temperament and behavior, Insight invented a deceptively simple system that can be used as a part of everyday life. I have been using this system with great effect in my life. I’ve taught this system and my students’ remark on how it has improved theirs. Now I can extend this experience to you through our new book, Four People You Should Know: Profiting from Personality Perspectives.

Four People You Should Know will introduce you to the Insight Temperament System and allow you to determine your own personality color. You will find resonance with the characteristics of your personality color group, and because we live in a social world, discover the other three personality colors. Learn how to listen to the people you meet and observe their behavior and surroundings, so that you can determine their personality color. With this, you can understand what they might do and why they do it. Priorities, motives and expectations fall in line. In “Four people” we explain the use of Nathan’s system to improve two key professional skills, team building and sales. You will learn how to balance teams and improve communications. You will understand what motivates your clients and how to effectively communicate what they truly value.

One central thing we have learned, when it comes to building & leading great teams and being successful in selling, it all boils down to “relationships.” All relationships must start right and be properly nurtured. Understanding the four personality styles enhances existing relationships and helps build new relationships. Strong relationships will turn your clients into your advocates.