QuestPoint launches new website for mobile users

2010-07-10 06:35:31 – QuestPoint poised to meet the needs of the mobile device users and increased interest in environmental sustainability

Multi media publisher QuestPoint Solar Solutions has launched a companion mobile web site to serve the growing information needs of the iPhone, Blackberry and mobile device users. Today it is all to common to see people intently engaged with their mobile devices on trains, buses, in grocery lines, anywhere that people gather in the conduct of daily life. The mobile device market is the beneficiary of rapidly growing improvements in technology which allow for greater speed and efficiency. These improvements when combined with the massive interest in environmental issues, renewable energy, organic living; and going green provide a perfect platform for QuestPoint to satisfy the needs of knowledge seekers and communicators.

QuestPoint has partnered with MoFuse, an established leader in mobile web tools to begin serving this growing go green niche. MoFuse (short for Mobile Fusion) is host to over 40,000 mobile sites from 148 different countries. Their mobile content management platform provides a cost effective solution for businesses to build and optimize their mobile presence for over 5,000 different devices.

There are incredible innovative opportunities surrounding this information platform says, publisher and founder Richard Andrews of QuestPoint. “It is very easy to download audio, video and read stories right to your handheld device and then read, listen or watch the information you selected whenever and wherever you want. Media on demand is really exciting as it gives us all new flexible ways of connecting with each other. While real time, one on one communication is best… this really helps to open up the free flow of information, education, entertainment and enlightenment in our 24/7, digital savvy – on the move society”

There’s no special code needed to connect with QuestPoints’ new mobile website. From your mobile handheld just google QuestPoint and click on the link which will automatically take you to its’ new mobile site.

QuestPoint Solar Solutions and companion site, QuestPoint N The Mix are growing online sources for news, information, commentary, and knowledge in the renewable energy, sustainable, organic living, and evolving green age.

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