JinkoSolar Greening Up Haining China Facility

 JinkoSolar Greening Up Haining China Facility

Jinko Protest 300x216 JinkoSolar Greening Up Haining China Facility  JinkoSolar a San Francisco 49ers sponsor today announced the completion of its phase I environment safety upgrade at its facility in Haining City west of Shanghai in the Zhejiang Province of China. Zhejiang Jinko Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of JinkoSolar, conducted a thorough investigation of its temporary waste storage unit adjacent to the manufacturing facility with an independent Chinese Environmental Agency as an immediate response to concerns after  fluoride was discharged into a nearby waterway due to unforeseen extreme weather conditions. Fluoride is a highly water-soluble component and the small amount released from the Zhejiang site diluted within days. The Huffington Post reported in mid September,“Police detained at least 20 people after hundreds of villagers protested last week, some storming the factory compound and overturning vehicles. Authorities said the factory had failed to address earlier environmental complaints and that the protests followed mass fish deaths in late August due to runoff from heavy rains.

The company‘s management team has very high standards and remains strongly committed to corporate social responsibility,” said Arturo Herrero, Chief Marketing Officer of JinkoSolar. “JinkoSolar is dedicated to serving the local community through generous contributions to local primary schools in China and solar electrification projects in Sudan and Tanzania,” added Herrero.

JinkoSolar says it has taken necessary steps to establish appropriate protocols and prevention plans for extreme weather conditions and now imposes regulations that are stricter than the industry standard. Jinko is a member of the PV Cycle Association and a recipient of the Cleantech Driver Award from the Deutsche Cleantech Institut.

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