These Are The Voyages Of PlanetSolar

arrival in hong kong 500px 300x168 These Are The Voyages Of PlanetSolarPlanetSolar is on a bold solar power global journey. It is the world’s largest solar-powered boat. It is now heading for Mumbai as part of its 18-month journey around the world.The boat, which started its journey on September 27, 2010 from the port of Monaco, will travel across the Indian Ocean before finally returning to Monaco in May next year. The  goal of PlanetSolar is to be the first “solar” boat” to circumnavigate the globe  driven by a silent, pollution-free electrical engine powered exclusively by solar energy.

With its crew of four they provide updates on the journey as it unfolds. Here’s Planet Solar 300x197 These Are The Voyages Of PlanetSolarone of their recent reports, “Weather conditions: Sunny and warm. Distance covered during the last 24 hours (from 20 o’clock till 20 o’clock): 0 miles (0 km). Today the crew had a day off after the intensive work during the last weeks. Nevertheless, Erwann and I discussed our route for the crossing of the Bay of Bengal. For the moment, all options remain open. We discussed 3 or 4 possible routes, namely, two direct ones, one southern route and one northern route. The sun is going to be rather modest, however, the wind and the currents are apparently going to be favorable. On our route there will be some islands, which we will be able to visit and explore. Moreover, in case of thunderstorms we could find a shelter there and recharge our batteries. By the way, I also updated the expedition diary, where the whole adventure is recorded. Wishing you all a good start of the week! Raphael and the PlanetSolar Crew

PlanetSolar 300x187 These Are The Voyages Of PlanetSolarToday, more than 100 people are working for the PlanetSolar project around the world. Some of its backers include the likes of Switzerland’s Federal Department of Foreign Affairs , Sunpower Corporation, visionary and founder Raphaël Domjan and Jean Verne great-grandson of the writer Jules Verne.

PlanetSolar’s purpose is to demonstrate the potential of renewable energies and photovoltaics, show that we already have the technology required for sustainability, take part in the technological development of renewable energy and advance scientific research, inform the public and make them aware of the importance of renewable energy, make the best possible use of energy efficiency and  show that the economy and ecology can and must work together.

Solar Contributes To Zero Net Energy At UC Davis

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