PlanetSolar on world tour heading for Miami

slide 5164 71159 large 300x218 PlanetSolar on world tour heading for MiamiAfter a four days stopover, the largest solar powered boat, PlanetSolar left Las Palmas. After its stay on the Canary Islands the solar catamaran continues its transatlantic crossing, setting course for Miami. The boat is expected in Miami by end of November / beginning of December. For the 1st solar boat expedition has commenced and the longest leg since the start in Monaco at the end of September. The goal of the PlanetSolar is  to circumnavigate the globe  driven exclusively by solar energy.

The current routing around the globe (subject to suitable weather and nautical conditions) foresees world around map 3 300x211 PlanetSolar on world tour heading for Miamistopovers in Miami, Cancun, San Francisco, Sydney, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and returning to Monaco.  The project PlanetSolar will inform the public about the importance of sustainability and
renewable energies.  PlanetSolar has already made technological developments possible in many fields such as the production of composite materials and structures, and also the production and storage of solar energy (or electricity). Each stage in the project and each day that PlanetSolar sails will enable science to progress. At the heart of this project is the conservation of our planet by the promotion of solar energy, energy efficiency and eco-mobility. This is a great occasion to advance knowledge and to inform and make the general public aware of the importance of renewable energy

Planet Solar has an impressive group of supporters such as IMMOSOLAR, Candino Swiss Watch, SunPower and Jean Verne, Great-Grandson of the writer, Jules Verne who writes, ” In the spirit of the PlanetSolar project that calls upon scientists, technicians, industries, financiers and scholars who are working together on an “extraordinary voyage into known and unknown worlds,” I am writing these few words at the same time our society is asking the unthinkable question of its own survival. A special thanks to my Great-Grandfather Jules Verne who has given the PlanetSolar team the idea, the will, the audacity and who has inspired such an exciting, valuable project.”

The leading-edge solar catamaran (without flaps) boosts 31m in length, 16m in width, and approximately 540 square meters of solar panels as the solar generator. The specially developed energy storage should permit the boat to move for approximately 3 days and nights without sunlight. The MS
TÛRANOR PlanetSolar
was designed by the extraordinary designer and constructor Craig Loomes and his company LOMOcean (New Zealand). It has been built by high-performance yacht builder Knierim, based in Kiel (Germany). The boat is navigating under Swiss flag.



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