AAA Recycling Batteries Planting Trees For Earthday

LincolnvilleMaine 300x233 AAA Recycling Batteries Planting Trees For EarthdayElectric and hybrid vehicles are coming on strong as recent surveys show – and electric charging stations and new ion battery technology are an important component to their success. As this field evolves drivers want to know more. And who knows more about driving then AAA. In Honor of Earth Day, AAA Mid-Atlantic Plants a Tree for Every Auto Battery Replaced and Recycled from April 22nd – April 28th. In honor of Earth Day, April 22, AAA Mid-Atlantic will be planting trees in America’s National Forests, literally, on behalf of their members who take advantage of AAA Mid-Atlantic’s Battery Service.  For every AAA member who uses AAA’s Battery Program to have a new car battery installed and the old battery recycled by the auto club, a tree will be planted in the national forest.

AAA has recycled more than four million automotive batteries and continues to promote the environmental importance of recycling this essential automotive part.  Improperly stored or disposed car batteries create health, fire and safety hazards for humans, animals and the environment. To provide a simple solution, AAA encourages motorists to recycle their used batteries during its Great Battery Roundup from April 22-28 at their local AAA Car Care Insurance & Travel Center, and in recognition of their effort a tree will be planted in a national forest.

AAA has recycled millions of pounds of lead and plastic through the automotive battery recycling efforts of the AAA Mobile Battery Service and the AAA Approved Auto Repair network and AAA owned repair facilities. The auto club first began its mobile battery recycling efforts in 1997, and this year, AAA anticipates it will replace and recycle an additional two million batteries via its roadside battery replacement service.  Regionally, AAA Mid-Atlantic recycles over 100,000 batteries a year on average throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. AAA has also started a mobile electric vehicle charging service in  California, Oregon, Washington, Florida, Tennessee and Georgia.

One Day On Earth To Screen Worldwide On Earth Day

3Tibet AAA Recycling Batteries Planting Trees For Earthday

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