Even The Water Commutes To LA

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Robert Redford a longtime pioneer in the environmental movement joins hisWatershed to LA 300x203 Even The Water Commutes To LA son Jamie Redford to narrate Watershed, a new documentary produced by Jamie Redford who resides in Northern California. The film focuses attention on the human demands being placed on the 250 mile Colorado River. Watershed was recently featured  at the D.C. Environmental Film Festival.


Advancements in Solar Energy Efficiency

Sometimes breakthroughs in technology are inch by inch. Think of the early days of the personal computer industry  when new simply meant faster processors and more disk space. Such is the case with solar panels today.  SunPower Corp, a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of high efficiency solar cells, solar panels and solar systems today announced that its third generation SunPower Maxeon solar cell is now in commercial production.  This world-record efficiency solar cell delivers sunlight to electricity conversion efficiency of up to 24 percent.

artist Sven Geier fractal art work breakthrough 300x225 Even The Water Commutes To LAWe’re pleased to move our world-record breaking efficiency solar cell from the lab into commercial production,” said Tom Werner, SunPower president and CEO.  “With the new Maxeon solar cells, offering efficiencies of up to 24 percent, SunPower continues to lead the industry in technology innovation, delivering to its customers the highest efficiency, most reliable solar panels for guaranteed performance.”The new Maxeon solar cells are currently being integrated into select SunPower solar panels that deliver efficiencies exceeding 20 percent.  These panels contain up to 128 solar cells per panel and will be availability in limited quantities in 2012.

The new cell has low reverse-bias breakdown voltage to deliver better performance in shady and dusty conditions, and better temperature coefficient for increased energy harvest in hot environments.  The new Maxeon solar cell offers improved aesthetics with a consistent, homogenous, sleek black look.

Solar Powering Viking River Cruises Longships

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